2018 Valley Bike Month Challenge Apr 1 to Apr 30, 2018

Change your game plan and build a better commute by biking. Have fun, improve your health and win great prizes, too!  

Compete with teams of bicyclists valleywide. Winning team participants get a limited-edition Challenge Winner t-shirt and a celebration at a Valley venue as shown below.

  • Small Team (5-10 members): Short Leash Hot Dogs -  110 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix. 
    One free menu item, soft drink, and Short Leash commemorative item per team member; $1 off beer
  • Medium Team (11-15 members): O.H.S.O Brewery Arcadia - 4900 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix.
    One free O.H.S.O. beer or soft drink and two party platters for the group, plus an O.H.S.O. growler for the team leader
  • Large Team (16 - 20 members): Phoenix Ale Brewery taproom - 3002 E. Washington  St. Phoenix, 85034.
    One free menu item, soft drink, and Phoenix Ale Brewery commemorative item per team member; $1 off beer.  

Register your team by midnight on March 23, 2018. Team members must join by midnight on March 31, 2018.

See all the rules by selecting the Instructions/Rules tab.

Team NameConfirmed
Fuel Saved
GHG Saved
Team Members
Logging Trips
Team Size Group16 To 20
Any Bicycle Commuter207323,595190,9121683,305100.0 %
State Gov & Friends161961,46277,672681,34362.5 %
Team Size Group11 To 15
Scottsdale Sprocket Band156893,119165,6741462,867100.0 %
NXPedals143202,033107,977951,86992.9 %
Outspokin'142481,21364,396571,114100.0 %
Honey Bunches of Riders131991,67989,188781,54392.3 %
Orbital ATK Riders131701,47178,063691,35292.3 %
Glendale Gears148257830,6652753157.1 %
Team Size Group5 To 10
GM SpinGeeks81891,40074,364651,287100.0 %
Phoenix Spokes People816144523,6632141087.5 %
Cycle-Paths67555329,35826508100.0 %
Team PIMC5461407,422712940.0 %
HIGH STREET RIDERS 612995,23259150.0 %
Team Size Group < 5
Biking Buddies412574339,43935682100.0 %
Tempe Bikers36125813,6691223766.7 %
Pushin' Pedals43726013,8181223975.0 %
Rough Riders 1181226,4806112100.0 %
Single Speed Society4161357,174612475.0 %
RED Riders40.0 %
My Organization

Valley Bike Month Team Challenge
April 1 - 30, 2018

Any ShareTheRide user can join the Valley Bike Month Team Challenge or create a team.

Teams must have at least five members. For help increasing your team size, call Commute Solutions at 602.262.RIDE (7433).

Team leaders may designate their team “By Invitation Only.” Team leaders, please include this in your team name to limit participation to only your company.

Register a team, track any bicycle trip and monitor your team’s progress on ShareTheRide's Commuter Challenge page.
Teams must register by midnight on March 23, 2018.
Team members must join by midnight on March 31, 2018. No new teams or team members will be accepted after the final date for registration.

Bike trips must be added in the calendar section by midnight on May 7, 2018.

Once trip-tracking for the Challenge is closed, winning teams will be notified by email.

The winning team will have the highest participation rating in their category.
• Ties are possible. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be determined by highest number of bike trips tracked, then by total bike miles logged during the month.
• The participation rating is the percentage of team members who logged at least one bicycle trip.
• Both commute and personal bicycle trips qualify for this Challenge.

Teams are organized by size:
• 5-10 members (small)
• 11-15 members (medium)
• 16-20 members (large)

Winning team members will receive limited-edition Commuter Challenge Team Winner t-shirts and a victory party hosted by a local venue.

User Instructions:
• You must be a registered user of ShareTheRide.com to participate.
• Log in or create your account.
• Select Commuter Challenge.
• Find your team by selecting Challenge Standings.
• Join your team by selecting Join Team.
• Enter your bike trips  each day in My Trip Tracker.
• Monitor progress by selecting Commuter Challenge Team Status.

If your team is not listed, you can create one. Here’s how:
• Select Register New Team.
• Note the number of members on your team; this is how you will be categorized.
• You must have a minimum of five team members.
• Invite friends and colleagues to join by selecting My Team Status.
• Select Toolkit for promotional materials.
• Enter commute trips each day in My Trip Tracker.
• Monitor progress by selecting Commuter Challenge Team Status.
• Visit the Commuter Challenge Team Status tab to monitor progress.

ShareTheRide Commuter Challenge Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does it work?

A: You can participate in a team challenge in two ways: 1) create a team or 2) join an existing team. See the deadlines noted in the Instructions/Rules. Teams compete to track participation and trips as designated in Instructions/Rules.


Q: Is there a cost to join the Commuter Challenge?

A: No, it’s free to participate.


Q: What if my team is not listed?

A: All teams must have five members to participate. See the Instructions/Rules for details or call Valley Metro Commute Solutions at 602.262.RIDE (7433).


Q: How do I invite new people to join my team?

A: Select My Team Status after creating your team. To add members, select Add New Participant. Note: Each person you invite to the Challenge needs to finish creating and confirm their profile and/or log on (if they’re already a ShareTheRide user) to finish joining the team. Or, send friends and colleagues to ShareTheRide to join.


Q. How does a team win?

A: Teams compete with other teams in their size category. See Instructions/Rules for winning criteria. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined as specified in Instructions/Rules. The participation rate is a weighted formula that accounts for a team's size, number of participants in a challenge and the number of eligible trips logged during the challenge time frame. 


Q: Do all my tracked trips count toward the Challenge?

A: It depends. Different challenges promote different modes of transportation; rules may vary slightly. Refer to the Instructions/Rules for the current challenge.


Q: What does my team receive if we win?

A: Winning team members will receive a limited edition ShareTheRide Commuter Challenge Team winner t-shirt. Other prizes may also be available; check the Challenge’s main page for details.


Q: How do I restrict membership on my team?

A: We suggest you list your team as “by invitation only” in your team name if you want to limit team members to your company.


Q: Are electric vehicles or alternative fueled vehicles (AFV) considered alternative mode trips?

A: No, commuting alone in an AFV is not eligible.


Q. How do I know which team I should join?

A: Simply pick a team and select Join Team. If the team is closed to company members only, the team organizer will let you know.

Q: How do I switch to another team?

A: From the Challenge page, send an email to the team lead to request that she delete you from the team. Once you are deleted from the team, you will be able to join another team.