Rideshare Month 2018 Commuter Challenge  Oct 1 to Oct 31, 2018

Rideshare Month 2018

Celebrate Rideshare Month
October 1 – 31 

Coast into a new commute! People across the Valley celebrate Rideshare Month by leaving their car at home to ride the bus or light rail, carpool or vanpool, work from home or bike or walk instead. 

Join the Rideshare Month Challenge
Compete against teams of alternative mode users Valleywide. Log the most trips in your size category and be entered to win great prizes! Any ShareTheRide user can create a team. There are three size categories:
  5-10 members (small)
11-15 members (medium)
16-20 members (large)

Teams must have at least five members to be eligible for prizes. Teams with fewer than five participants can be combined. Call Commute Solutions at 602.262.RIDE (7433) for assistance. 

Challenge Prizes
Small team: Party for up to 10 people at P.F. Chang’s The Waterfront, Scottsdale, including appetizers and one non-alcoholic beverage per person. Limited edition ShareTheRide Commuter Challenge winner t-shirt for each participating member.

Medium team: Party for up to 15 people at Scott Conant's Mora Italian, Phoenix. Party consists of family-style antipasti and one non-alcoholic beverage per person. Limited edition ShareTheRide Commuter Challenge winner t-shirt for each participating member.

Large team: Party for up to 20 people at Culinary Dropout, Phoenix, including appetizers and one non-alcoholic beverage per person. Limited edition              ShareTheRide Commuter Challenge winner t-shirt for each participating member.

Bonus Contest
Anyone joining a challenge team who tracks at least four trips in October can enter to win a $25 Harkins Theatres gift card (six available).

Team NameConfirmed
Fuel Saved
GHG Saved
Team Members
Logging Trips
Team Size Group16 To 20
CU There204359,5633997,851100.0 %
Chase This!204097,3975,7423136,143100.0 %
Any User205406,23957,0772675,250100.0 %
#loaners203115,9522,5282334,585100.0 %
ADE contenders202915,9432164,236100.0 %
Concord Commuters202413,23616,6881152,260100.0 %
Bus A Move202944,5745121292,53985.0 %
NCL Crusiers2046862,5421,6122,90757,13580.0 %
Tempe Commuters201061,9037,504701,37040.0 %
Team Size Group11 To 15
Any Bicycle Commuter153242,28358,9991062,091100.0 %
Medpay11519633977181.8 %
The Matrix Carpool132144,7261212,37476.9 %
Team Size Group5 To 10
Chillin' Commuters82973,64423,0641372,702100.0 %
The Day Riders (MCSO Employees Only)61342,3601,3861092,138100.0 %
DHL GoGreen61312,16910,494671,315100.0 %
US Foods5861,617631,234100.0 %
HSAG Outliers91201,3784,369581,131100.0 %
PSP Chain Gang5761879,4239172100.0 %
Team Transmission71123,1861222,40885.7 %
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies61119824283483.3 %
CHUBB Telecommuters6747543161283.3 %
MCDPH615880813,4623467166.7 %
Schwabbies Driving Less7305531121457.1 %
Road Warriors7322693,2981121957.1 %
Surprise Commuters9781,830701,37544.4 %
Apria Alternative Riders5369164384240.0 %
Vanapalooza 346098369773569337.5 %
burby/kenny6266869303263133.3 %
PIMC-commuters610434110,1941631433.3 %
Team Size Group < 5
Telecommute This! 22482238756100.0 %
Republic Services Commuters11649910198100.0 %
ADOT Road Rash1101093,6985100100.0 %
U-Haul Commuters12040236100.0 %
RRD-Bailey1430128100.0 %
Gilbert riders3426214,9961529966.7 %
RoadPups3324396321733266.7 %
Dignity Health Commuters3532343,452713766.7 %
Clerk Of Court/Any Join217277918550.0 %
Kitchell Kruisers4572744,848713450.0 %
ON Semiconductor Commuters3102061019033.3 %
Casa Grande Road Racers20.0 %
Commuters10.0 %
Maricopa County Tax-is10.0 %
My Organization
Challenge Rules 

Any ShareTheRide user can join the Commuter Challenge by forming or joining a team. There is no fee to participate. Teams must have at least five members to win prizes. For assistance with increasing your team size, call Commute Solutions at 602.262.RIDE (7433). 

Register a team, track commute trips and monitor your team’s progress on ShareTheRide’s Commuter Challenge page. 

Teams must register by midnight on September 21, 2018.

Team members must join by midnight on September 28, 2018.

Alternative mode commute trips taken between October 1 and 31 must be added to the Commute Tracker by midnight on November 7, 2018. Only commute trips (to and from work) qualify. 

No new teams or team members will be accepted after the final registration date.

In each size category, the following criteria will be used to declare the winning team:
Percentage of team members participating
Number of qualifying commute trips tracked. Qualifying commute modes for this challenge are: Bike, bus, carpool, light rail, telework, walk and vanpool
Number of qualifying commute miless tracked

User Instructions:
You must be a registered user of ShareTheRide.com to participate.
Log in or create your account.
Select Commuter Challenge.
Find your team by selecting Challenge Standings.
Join your team by selecting Join Team.
Enter alternative mode commute trips in My Trip Tracker.
Monitor progress by selecting Commuter Challenge Team Status.

If your team is not listed, you can create one:
Select Register New Team.
Note the number of members on your team – this is your size category.
You must have at least five team members to compete for prizes.
Invite colleagues to join by selecting My Team Status.
Select Toolkit for promotional materials.
Visit the Commuter Challenge Team Status tab to monitor progress.

ShareTheRide Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?
A: You can participate in a team challenge in two ways: 1) create a team or 2) join an existing team. See the deadlines noted above. Teams compete to track participation as designated in Rules above.

Q: Is there a cost to join the Commuter Challenge?
A: No.

Q: How do I invite new people to join my team?
A: Select My Team Status after creating your team. To add members, select Add New Participant. Note: Each person you invite to the Challenge needs to finish creating and confirm their profile and/or log on (if they’re already a ShareTheRide user) to finish joining the team. Or, send friends and colleagues to ShareTheRide.com to join.

Q: Do all my tracked trips count toward the Challenge?
A: It depends. Different challenges promote different modes of transportation; rules may vary slightly. Refer to the Rules above for the current challenge. Driving alone, even in an alternative fuel vehicle, does not qualify for ShareTheRide contests.

Q: What does my team get if we win?
A: Winning team members will receive a limited edition ShareTheRide Commuter Challenge Team winner t-shirt. Other prizes are usually available; check the Challenge’s main page for details. 

Q: Can I create a team open only to my friends or co-workers?
A: Commuter Challenge teams are open to all users unless specified in the team name. To limit membership, put something like “employees only” or “invitation only” in your team’s name.  Be prepared to (nicely) inform people who join your team by mistake that you’ll be deleting them.

Q: My team is open to everyone. How can I make that clear?
A: Commuter Challenge teams are open to all users unless specified otherwise in the team name. Choosing a name like Any Carpooler, Rockin’ Bus Riders, or Central City Cyclists would be a good start in welcoming members. Have fun! Play nicely. Inappropriate team names will not be allowed.

Q. How do I know which team I should join? 
A: Just choose a team and click Join Team. If the team is closed to company members only, the team organizer will let you know.

Q: How can I switch to another team?
A: From the Challenge page, send an email to the team lead to request that he or she delete you from the team. Once you are deleted, you will be able to join another team.