2020 Valley Bike Month Team Challenge Apr 1 to Apr 30, 2020

Bike Month 2020 

Join a Valley Bike Month Challenge Team to have fun, improve your health, and win great prizes!

Compete with teams of bicyclists valley-wide. Winning team participants get a limited-edition Challenge Winner t-shirt, a pair of ShareTheRide socks, and a celebration as shown below.

  • Individual (One member): $25 REI gift card
  • Small Team (2-10 members): $125 in P.F. Chang’s gift cards
  • Medium Team (11-15 members): $175 in Grimaldi’s gift cards
  • Large Team (16 - 20 members): $250 in Arizona Restaurants gift cards

Register your team or join one by midnight on March 31, 2020.

See all the rules by selecting the Instructions/Rules tab.

Team NameConfirmed
Team Size Group11 To 15
Glendale Gears11
Siouxsie and the Cyclepaths11
Team Size Group2 To 10
All I Do Is Schwinn2
Concord Servicing3
GM SpinGeeks (Private Team)5
Life in the Bike Lane (Open to All)5
Phoenix Indian Medical Center5
Pushin' Pedals5
Universal Technical Institute5
Y2K Engineering Employees5
Team Size Group < 2
City of Scottsdale vanpools branchout1
CoC johnlp1
CSAA Insurance Group1
Dirty Jerseys1
Gilbert Cyclers1
One_And_Only Team (Private team)1
Strider Riders1
My Organization

Valley Bike Month Team Challenge Rules

Any ShareTheRide user can join the Commuter Challenge by forming or joining a team. There is no fee to participate. New this year! Teams of One may now compete for a prize.

Both “Commute” and “Personal” bicycle trips taken April 1 – 30 qualify; limit 6 trips per day. Trips must be added to your Commute Calendar by midnight on May 6, 2020.

Within each size category, the following criteria will be used to decide the winning team:

  • Percentage of team members participating
  • Number of bicycle trips tracked
  • Number of bicycle miles tracked
  • In the event of a tie, a random number generator will be used to select a winner.

User instructions:

  1. You must be a registered user of ShareTheRide to participate.
  2. Log in or create your account.
  3. Select Commuter Challenge.
  4. Find your team by selecting Challenge Standings.
  5. Join your team by selecting Join Team.
  6. Enter bicycle trips in My Trip Tracker.

If your team is not listed, you may create one:

  • Select Register New Team
  • Note the number of members on your team – this is your size category.
  • Invite friends or colleagues to join by selecting My Team Status.
  • Select Toolkit for promotional materials.

Valley Bike Month Team Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Team Challenge work?
A: ShareTheRide.com members can create a team or join an existing team. Teams compete with other teams in their size category. See Instructions/Rules for winning criteria. 
Q: Is there a cost to join the Team Challenge?
A: No, it’s free to participate.
Q: How many people does it take to win the Team Challenge?
A: Loners, rejoice! New this year, it only takes one person to create a team and compete for prizes. 
Q: What does my team receive if we win?
A: Winning team members get great prizes! Check the Instructions/Rules tab for details.
Q: Do all my tracked trips count toward the Challenge?
A: Up to six Commute or Personal bicycle trips per participant, per day will count toward Challenge totals.
Q: Do carpool, vanpool, or transit trips count toward this Team Challenge?
A: No, only bike trips count for the Valley Bike Month Challenge.

Q: How do I restrict membership on my team?
A: If you want to limit membership, we suggest you indicate that in your team name. For example, ACME Industry Employees or Jones Family and Friends. Also, be prepared to explain (nicely) that your group is private if you need to remove a member. 

Q. My team is open to anyone – How do I indicate that?
A: If your team is open to anyone, use a more generic name such as Any Bike Commuter, South Side Riders, or Everybody’s Welcome.

Q: How do I invite people to join my team?
A: After creating your team, select My Team Status on the Challenge home page. Select Add New Participant. 

Q: I don’t want to lead a team, I just want to participate. How do I know which team I should join?
A: Simply choose a team and select Join Team. If the team is restricted, the team leader will let you know.

Q: I changed my mind. How do I switch to a different team?
A: From the Challenge page, send an email to the team leader and request they delete you from the team. Once you are removed from the first team, you will be able to join another.